Wrap your license plate to your vehicle?

Wrap your license plate to your vehicle?

A License Plate Wrap, LPW, is an alternative front license plate made of reflective vinyl and can be scanned using a License Plate Reader. It is a replica of the traditional metal plate with the exception that it is now on vinyl.

In 2014, California passed a bill that gave the Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV, the task to discover a substitute for license plate mounts. One of the reasons for this was to cut on the costs required to undertake this process. As a result, License Plate Wrap submitted its bid to the state of California. The presented bid was accepted, followed by the testing of the Huntington Beach-based LPW wraps which successfully passed the testing procedures undertaken by the California Highway Patrol.

For many years, front license plate frames have been considered unappealing as they diminish the physical beauty of vehicles. In the past few years, automakers have taken this into consideration, leading them to deliver newer car models with clean front bumpers. This makes it easy to use a legal license plate of choice where this is applicable, and California is one of the lucky states to utilize this privilege.

In order to purchase a wrap plate, LPW has an online site which provides clients with eight different license plate designs to choose from. Each of the eight designs is a standard California license plate, be it a regular one or veteran plate. There are legacy designs such as the coastal plate with a tail of a blue whale, or black and yellow, and many other options.

Once you select your design of choice, the next step is to enter information about your vehicle such as your license plate number, your car’s mileage, and your address for delivery purposes. Payment can be made using a credit card or debit card. To confirm that your order has been received, you will get a confirmation email from LPW.

For processing to commence, your submitted information is sent to the DMV of Sacramento. After validation of the details, DMV issues feedback that determines if production of your LPW should begin. They will also issue a participating letter that confirms that you are part of the pilot program. This letter is sent via mail in reference to the address you provided while placing your order.

After one month to one month and a half, your wrap is sent to your mail. Attached is a manual to guide you through the installation process. It is important to note that the wrap should be used on cars with factory paint or high quality paint. This will ensure that the paint remains intact in the case that you may want or need to remove the wrap.

In case you get involved in an accident or install the wrap incorrectly, you can make a re-order by mailing the damaged LPW to the company. They will inform the DMV of Sacramento of the incident and processing of a new one can begin.

LPWs are progressively becoming more popular as people become aware of them, how they work, and how to get them. One of the company’s initiatives is to expand their services to more states in the country to ensure that car owners enjoy using LPWs legally on a larger scale. While the expansion is underway, the pandemic has greatly contributed to its slow progress.

Potential buyers are sometimes worried if they may experience harassment from highway patrol officers due to the wraps. This should not give you any reason to worry as they are well aware that these wraps are state approved and legal to possess. Local dealerships in the state are also constantly recommending their customers to get the wraps.

There is a wide range of car owners choosing the LPW over the traditional license plate. Majority of its buyers are using them on brands such as Tesla, Ford Mustang, Kia, and McLaren, just to name a few. Basically, the wraps are the best choice for customers who are not looking to ruin the presentation of their car using a license plate.

In terms of cost, the purchase of a front LPW will only cost you $85 at the moment. This is non-inclusive of the registration fees that the DMV will charge you. Considering that this purchase will make a significant improvement on your vehicle’s look, using a LPW is definitely a good investment.