Protect your car's paint

Protect your car's paint

As the number of people getting on the roads this summer increases, the number of dents in vehicles from parking slots and other areas with many people keeps increasing. Therefore, knowing your car's dangers is critical because they can result in issues requiring professional assistance. This article talks about how to maintain the safety of your car.

Sometimes it's Fine to Take a Walk

All of us have sometimes walked due to various situations. But mostly, we consider parking near our favorite shopping center by locating the vehicle to the closest spot near the store we intend to visit. The problem with this act is that other shoppers who also intend to park at the same store entrance do it in a rush and end up bumping into our cars. That's why I advise you to park a little farther from the store. It will enable you to avoid getting dents and at the same time experience the presence of the cool breeze while walking to the shopping center.

Leaving Adequate Room for Others

After parking, don't rush to get out of your car but rather take time to ensure the space you have left for other drivers is sufficient. If you leave a smaller space, your vehicle will be hit when they open the doors. Leaving enough room will allow other drivers to park and get out without touching your vehicle.

Avoid Vehicles Which Contain Car Seats

Having a car with numerous seats means the probability of traveling with your family, friends or even relatives is high. Usually, kids don't consider when it's safe to open the door, and they may do it in the parking lot even if there is not enough space. Other cars containing car seats also pose your car to the possibility of getting a dent because they may have kids. If you must travel with such people, then always ensure you park in areas that don't experience heavy traffic.

Smart Parking

Some areas are generally not meant for parking cars. Areas which have a lot of traffic, huge trucks, machinery and many people are not safe for parking. Some areas such as near bars and pubs are also not ideal because people might be driving under drug influence. If you pull up in such locations, your car's chances of getting a dent are very significant. Be vigilant with your car; ensure you park where you are alone, and your car will not easily acquire dents.

Pull Out Carefully

Finally, it is recommended to pull out of a parking lot with care. It would be best to do it slowly to ensure that you turn in the right direction and don't bump into other vehicles. It is another reason to park a little farther because you will not go through the struggle of pulling out with much care.

What Happens When You Get a Dent

Even after parking and pulling out carefully, there is still a chance that you will get a dent. If you run into a dent, do not panic because we at Jon’s Auto body shop are at your service. 

We can also help you steer the insurance claims and paperwork. If you develop a dent, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will schedule an appointment with you!